Adam’s July 2012 Mix

The Killers – Runaways: Just released today (7/10/12), this is our first glimpse at the latest effort by the Killers.  And it’s awesome.  I am very ramped up for their new album.  I think they might finally climb into the full arena sphere after this effort.

Passion Pit – I’ll be Alright:  Now this is a lot more like the Passion Pit I remember!  It has both the blaring synths and the unquestionably dancy beat.  This full album should leak any day now, and I for one can’t wait to hear it all.

Purity Ring – Obedear:  Purity Ring is garnering a lot of praise lately. This was the only song that I liked on first listen.  It’s pretty good.  In a year with Grimes though, every artist with this sound needs to step their game up.

Frank Ocean – Pyramids:  9:57 minutes.  Yes.  Almost ten minutes of amazing.  Frank Ocean is one the hottest up and comers in the Hip Hip scene right now.  He just came out of the closet last week as well.  He sings on two tracks on the Jay Z/Kanye album, so he’s been well known amongst the greats for a while.  He finally has a chance to shine on his own, and if Pyramids is any indication, his entire album (out today) is going to be great.

Dirty Projectors – Dance For You:  The new Dirty Projectors album is great.  It’s quickly climbing my years best list (might be #1 by the time you read this).  This is one of my favorite and most accessible tracks on the album.

Dirty Projectors – Offspring are Blank: This is the album opener.  It sets a great tone for the entire album.  I love everything about it; especially that it precedes 12 other great songs.

Metric – Lost Kitten:  One of the better songs off the new Metric album.  It sounds a lot like the ‘Fantasies’ Metric that I fell in love with.  But still sounds and fits well into the new album.

Metric – Artificial Nocturne: The new Metric album’s opener.  This song starts with a bang with Emily declaring “I’m just as f*cked up as they say”.

Muse – Survival:  Hmmm.  What to say about a new Muse song.  Well how about this:  I’m disappointed.  I love Muse.  The beat and the music are great as always; especially the opening, but the lyrics are a new low.  From a band that wrote the line ‘Fat Cats have a heart attack’ that’s a pretty damning conclusion.  Matt needs to remember that he’s allowed to take artistic freedom in his writing.  He doesn’t need to use full sentences and stray away from any metaphors or abstract thoughts.  I’m really excited and happy for Muse to be the official band of the summer Olympics, but they really need to step their game up.  I’m no longer giving them a free pass.  I will rate their new album amongst the others this year, and it will be tough for them to take the top spot, let alone the top 10 if they continue in this direction.

Japandroids – Continuous Thunder:  My favorite song of this year. This roaring song is an excellent album closer and just gets me every time I hear it.  I love the lyric ‘ If I knew all of the answers, and you had the body you wanted, would we love with the legendary fire?”.

Blood Diamonds (Feat Grimes) – Phone Sex:  I am a big fan of Grimes this year, and to put her high voice on a dance beat is an idea for the ages.  Love this track.

St. Vincent & David Byrne – Who:  I wasn’t going to include this, but this mix is already large enough.  I love St. Vincent. David Byrne is an Indie Legend (former Talking Heads lead singer).  The two of them should make for an interesting combination.  This song is a good start but I’m hoping for more St. Vincent contributions on their upcoming album.

Matt & Kim – Let’s Go New Matt & Kim.  Not a departure from anything we’ve heard before, but it’s been almost 12 months since I’ve seen them live and I’m itching to see them again soon.  Let’s Go!

Kanye West & Pusha T – New God Flow: This might be the most ‘RAP’ song I’ve included on a mix.  I wasn’t going to include it until the last minute.  I’m a big Kanye fan, and he has a new collaboration album out in August.  This song should be on it.  This song really finds its footing once Kanye comes in at the 2 minute mark.  Its no ‘Pyramids’ but it deserves some listens.

Metronomy – The Look: Good luck getting this song out of your head.  I feel obligated to insert one ‘standard alternative song’ on each mix.  This is it.


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